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AMC Artisan Films

Filmmaking is an art, and AMC is its museum. And just as there are masterpieces of traditional art, there are exceptional works of film. AMC Artisan Films brings a curated gallery of the finest movies to AMC where everyone can enjoy them. Any movie with the AMC Artisan Films seal is an artist-driven film that advances the art of making movies.

Asteroid City Blog

Tom Hanks And Wes Anderson Visit Asteroid City

ASTEROID CITY is the first collaboration between Academy Award® Winner Tom Hanks and the visionary director, Wes Anderson.

Past Lives

Old Friends Reconnect In A24’s PAST LIVES

A touching story of star-crossed lovers from an emerging voice, Celine Song. Learn more about AMC Artisan Film, starring Greta Lee And Teo Yoo.

Chevalier Blog

CHEVALIER: Joseph Bologne’s Story

Learn more about the untold story of the talented and influential artist Joseph Bologne, in our exclusive CHEVALIER interview with director Stephen Williams.

Asteroid City


From the eccentric mind of visionary director Wes Anderson comes ASTEROID CITY, the story of a Junior Astronomer and Space Cadet convention that is spectacularly disrupted by otherworldly events.

Past Lives


In PAST LIVES, two close childhood friends are separated when one’s family emigrates from South Korea. Two decades later in a twist of fate, they’re reunited in New York as they confront their own long-lost feelings and face their romantic destiny.



Christopher Nolan returns to his filmmaking prowess with OPPENHEIMER, a biographical thriller based on the epic true story about the enigmatic director of the first atomic bomb and his risk of destroying the world in order to save it.

You can always find AMC Artisan Films at these locations and many others.

You can always find AMC Artisan Films at these locations and many others.